Thursday, November 12





today perspired a lot too

credit baidu

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what a short entry,
short but sweet..
just like what his solo concert name is..
and it's that towel again..
he must really like that towel, ne~

and it suits him..
as it's pink!

a pic for the mission!

pi and his sea
small hearts Pictures, Images and Photos

by the way,
on behalf of my busy husband and from me:

Happy 22nd belated Birthday to you, Tegoshi-san! xP
tegoshi diamond Pictures, Images and Photos

please don't blame my husband from not wishing you a happy b'dae message..
as you must have known, from reading his nikki everyday, that
he is busy with his concert rehearsals and solo single promo now..
so he must have forgotten..
forgive him, ne~?!

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may you continue to be pretty and flirtatious towards your fans,
and i'll be waiting for more exaggerated behavior and thinking
from you,
this year too!

original posting:-
date: 11.13.2009
time: PM3:35

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