Sunday, November 15





yesterday, after the rehearsal
have meal together with the dancers

recently, i have been eating out randomly very often.
i have to eat more vegetables

even though i thought this way, still i continue to live my carnivorous life!

shall start off with drinking vegetable juice.

hungry for comments and they are love!
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too hard on you ne~
to consume vegetables just for the sick of health..
but whatever it is,
you must stay healthy ne~
don't let us, fans, worry about you

not too long ago,
i borrowed The Covanent DVD from my school's library

even though,
it's an old film (shown in 2006),
it's suuuuuper nice!
simply love it!
made me wanna buy it and own it. 

highly recommended by me

this movie is a mixture of charmed and twilight..

why i said that is because
it involved witchcrafts and hot guys!
shocked Jafar Pictures, Images and Photos

especially this guy who is the lead actor in this movie..

Steven Strait as Caleb Danvers

his character in this movie is soo soo HOT and COOL!
and he look so so cute!!
also, he have a deep vocal

the lead actress in this movie is pretty too!


i don't understand why this movie didn't receive the HOTs like what twilight is facing, right now?!


here is the trailer for it:

and if anyone of you wanna watch it, online..
i've found the link where you can watch the entire movie


and here's a pic for the mission!

i have a thing for yamapi for wearing a singlet..
some more it's white!!


  1. How nice of him to "have meal together with the dancers"...celebrities usually don't pay much regard to backup dancers and such.

    DOZO, dear Pi. For example, I drink fresh vegetable juice everyday & I like it X)

    By the way, didn't you mean "for the sake of" here: "to consume vegetables just for the sick of health.."? ^-^

    lol, I wouldn't call a 2006 film old, the ones shoot in 1990-1999 are old. And then, how about those with Charlie Chaplin or Lollobrigida ;) But yes, if you meant that we can't see it in a movie theatre anymore...we truly can't. Since you recommend it, I will try to watch it, if possible ^^

  2. weee ~ has anybody seen / read a blog called "johnny's intern?"... it mysteriously disappeared during the the time the kagami seira pics were spread. ohhh. the reason why i remembered that was because i read it for like, five times, and i was so envious of her, getting to work sooo closely to tomohisa. but i never knew if she was a boy or girl. anyway, i'd do anything to work with pi, cuz he's humble and all that. dancer, assistant, heck i'd even go for shoe shiner or clothes-folder or food-buyer.

    pi working hard is so sexy, right.

    anyway, i second the motion for the covenant. i just didnt like a certain part where the lead girl was made "bait"... they always do that! the car scenes were cool, too. pi would look so cool as a vampire / badass witch / whatever mystical person with powers. hehe

  3. I already see the covenant and I liked it. But is it taken from a book?
    Twilight the film is obscene, but the book, at least the first of all, it is not soo bad! Don't kill me! ^^ when I first read it none know about its exstence, now all the girl screaming for Pattison are really annoing!
    Well I join msuki, I'd like to see a vampire-yamapi! ^^

  4. OMG Loveless leaked like, 2 or 3 days ago but I have just found it - all 8 songs @320kbps ^^''
    download link: www. mediafire. com/ ?otz1otjdimm (without spaces)

    Actually I hate it when songs are leaked SO early before the official release date, like wtf, how should the performer feel >>
    But I do take the chance anyways X)


  5. to Rei:
    oops! typo mistake >.< what i meant was "for the sake of" hehe..thanks for pointing it out to me ^^

    hehe. sure! but after you watch it. please do tell me your afterthoughts for this movie ^^ curious to find out!

    lol! you're contradicting yourself in the songs leaked and download part. i think those people who uploaded these leaked songs are, maybe, FC members?!

    not only do these people got a hold of the singles earlier than general public, they also got a hold of the LIVE DIAMOND DVD way before others did.

    if yamapi-dear are to come across with these uploaders, he'll be so disappointed and sad.


  6. to msuki:
    i've never heard of that blog. ahhs, missed it! was it a daily entry nikki like yamapi's? then did he/she mention what he/she did for yamapi?! or what yamapi-dear had done?! ahhs, so curious about what is it!

    yup! totally sexy!

    well, that's what a typical supernatural teenager movie is all about. haha. asking the lead actress/actor to become the bait, to call out the lead actor/actress, so that actions can be taken on him/her. haha.

    lol! i agree with that statement too - "pi would look so cool as a vampire / badass witch / whatever mystical person with powers"
    i think he can easily bring out the sexiness, which is required, when he is either sucking another party's blood or killing his enemies.

    but i don't remember Japanese movies having such genre. mostly were either romantic or detective-style genres.

  7. to mercuriasekai:
    i am not certain whether covenant is it adapted from a book. i didn't do my research in that area. haha. don't worry i'm not one of the avid fans of robert, neither am i a avid fan of Twilight too. even though now i'm reading it's second book - New Moon >.<

    love your straightforwardness - "now all the girl screaming for Pattison are really annoying!" ROFL