Saturday, November 28


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today will be attending music station too.

right now, i'm at the backstage watching doraemon

the show is starting approximately in one hour.

relax my frame of mind and getting prepared to attend the music station

nobita and
nobita's mom practically look the same.

moreover today,
[Code Blue]'s crew met up with one another.

everyone didn't change at all
still in high spirit!

tomorrow onwards, continue to work hard!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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getting relax by watching doraemon, before appearing on music station!

and the part where he mentioned nobita looked exactly like his mum..
was funny too! ^0^

you look exactly like your mum too

someone had posted up the video for yesterday's music station!!!!!
here they are!:


credit AiNanteTegoshi@yt & newshfan@lj

gosh! look at pi's hair!
it's so wet!
did he just have a run inside that room before he opened the door..
but...wasn't he watching doraemon?!

Loveless Talk + Performance

credit xxshimattaxx@yt & newshfan@lj

the girl who had dumped him,
must be feeling so regretful now~
but glad that she did a wise choice..
cause, this way, the chances of yamapi-dear being mine will be higher!
*evil laugh*
just kidding X)

love the lasers behind when he is performing~
it looks like he was shooting for an PV instead of a LIVE performance at MS..

and that's the beanie which pi-chan wore in loveless pv!
but its swarovski aren't doing their job..
they aren't being so blingie!

a pic of the mission!

code blue 2 preview!
in this pic,
he look more like a plumber than a heli doctor..


  1. ehh? where'd the bonnet come from??
    hehehe. ah, number 3. not bad, not bad ^^
    getting his heart broken is junior high school is soo yesterday. hey selina, why is he so skinny? is it because of too much work? or his face has gotten boney?

  2. LOL @ "his face has gotten boney".

    i think it must be those trainings which he went through during the BB filming that made him look so skinny. remember before BB was announced and before the start of the filming, he kept saying he was playing basketball?!? after the filming, he became all-so skinny like now.

    hope that during CB2 shooting and the winter coldness, it will make him eat more; people tend to eat more when they are in a cold condition. ^^