Monday, November 16





oh no.
today, already drank finished a bottle of vegetable juice.
tomatoes are relatively stronger

with regards to apples, need to work hard

pass through my throat more smoothly!

tomorrow shall work hard too.

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ganbatte ne, yamapi!
in consuming your vegetable juice =)

and literally,
yamapi is talking to his apples and tomatoes..
innocent X)

yamapi appeared on HEY!x3 today..
and so fast,
video of it were already uploaded on youtube!!
(yamapi fans are getting more efficient ne~ like it!)

here's the video of it:

i've decided to only embed the performance part
because i'm thinking of wanting to share the english sub version of the interview with everyone once i see it uploaded on youtube ^^

woosh! at yamapi for wearing a white singlet beneath his black leather jacket
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i like this choreography..
i think his dance moves are maturing every single day..

and at one point, during the performance,
i was quite shock to see his perfect timing with the backup dancers..
point: 1:45~1:46

and the rest of the dance was in perfect synchronization~!
this performance was something which i've never seen from him, before..
good job, my great hubby!
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a pic for the mission!

love everything about this pic..
the color,
the angle,
the feel,
the clothing,
the trees branches (behind),
the sky,

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