Monday, November 9





yesterday after the rehearsal
went to a friend's birthday party.

normally, a group of us, with the same age, would hold some gatherings
same goes to this birthday party.

met up with friends whom i've not seen for such a long time
extremely happy.

one of them even gave me an originally made keychain.

by the way, i designed it.
bling bling

credit baidu

hungry for comments & they are love!
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it is so nice~
diamond Pictures, Images and Photos
*bling bling*

i like the treble clef and stars part..
nicely designed!
well done ^^

if someone were to design this pendant

photos credit

with Swarovski diamonds..
and give it to me as a gift..
i will go weak at my knees, and also
marry that person straight away
(provided that he is Yamashita Tomohisa san xP)

by the way,
a pic for the "november mission"


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