Saturday, November 14





it's raining in Tokyo.

somemore it's drizzling.


want to rain then rain properly. 

yesterday went to the hospital to do a health check.

blood was drawn.
and drawn a lot!

but to Aizawa, it's a piece of cake

hungry for comments and they are love!
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LOL at yamapi for blaming the rain for ruining his day..
so innocent~
just like a small boy..

why all of a sudden yamapi had to do a health check?!
and Aizawa was mentioned?!

Rock Pictures, Images and Photos
is he hinting us on the rumored Code Blue 2?!

by the way,
yamapi will indefinitely post what he feel from his upcoming concert and what he thought for each and every single songs in the new single, in the official J-WEB..
therefore, please anticipate for it!

here, i've already translated the first two posts..

as you must have seen..
i've already changed the layout for my blog!
how do all of you find it?!

i've decided that i should set a comment box after every post..
so that, all of you can easily make your comments..
in addition,
this new comment box works exactly like how the comment box will work in livejournal, vox, etc.
easy to understand and use..
there's no LIMIT to how many words you should type!
unlike the cbox..

and also, with this,
i can sort of keep and re-read all your comments in the future..

however, i will still keep the cbox at my sidebar =)
in case~~~~~~~
(you can never trust this publishing tool)

i shall reply to all the comments which all of you have left in my cbox these few days, over here in the main post..
so that the cbox wouldn't look so messy and thus, difficult to read ^^

to taropi (posted 10 Nov 09):
haha..true true! if it's yamapi..why would i want to wait! right?! X) i will definitely marry him straight away~! thanks for the advice! ^^

to Rei (posted 11 Nov 09 ):
hehe..that's true, however, now i got the comment box for my can call him yamashita! and there wouldn't be any stars in his name XD and thank you for answering taropi's enquiries ^^ as for my email..i will send you mine in the blogger PM system?! as it is not convenient to expose my email add over here! i don't wish to see unnecessary spam mails, etc in my inbox..hope you understand ^^ actually, i don't really like to use lj PM's not user-friendly in my mails are so organized over there..haha..

(posted 14 Nov 09):
oh! your birthday is at May!! whao! mine at Jan~! which is arriving in less than 2 months time! haha! yeah, happy for you! *throwing confetti with you* XD

to ten-chan (posted 11 Nov 09):
oh! so how was your school so far?! i've started my 2nd sem about a month now, and my tutorials are snowballing..last week, i got to clear some of i feel much lighter..but now, i'm quite outdated with NEWSのnews too..i never visit lj for about 5 days! can you believe it! 5 DAYS! omg~! (tutorials please go away, better if incinerated itself xP)
you're welcome =) *hugs*

to miia (posted 11 Nov 09):
a few days ago, i went HVM Heeren and asked the staff there..then they say that they aren't sure whether they will be selling the con all depends on the local company, whether they want to import it in a not..haiis~ then as for yamapi's loveless..they say that most probably they will bring in the non-dvd versions..and mentioned that they can't bring in the version with the dvd..i don't know why..siann~
what particular kdrama & jdrama are you watching *curious* i know currently, korea is showing this drama titled 'you're beautiful' or something like that..are you watching that?! is Gokusen the Movie confirmed showing in cinema this year?!

to miru (posted 12 Nov 09):
haha..don't worry~ now aren't you talking to me?! X) and thanks for always coming back to my blog to check on yamapi ^^

to msuki (posted 13 Nov 09):
kyaa! your aunt gave you a h.k blingie! omg! how i wish i got an aunt like yours! *envy* you've mentioned "i'm prolly one of his "older" fan" how long have you been idolising him?! *curious* ?? yamapi had an angel bling?!
oh! his concert will be at Yokohama too! i can only dream of attending his concert (I WANT TO GO! someone bring me there! *sobx sobx*) and lol @ "he looks so happy getting undressed" i was practically :D when i read this bit..hehe..thanks..

to paola (posted 14 Nov 09):
it's ok, don't worry ^^

and here's a pic for the mission!

yamapi clearly protray how my eyes are feeling right now..
for facing my lappie for so long..
to do changes to my layout and for translating 2 long special entries by him..
anyways, yamapi look cute in this pic!


  1. this line:

    "want to rain then rain properly"

    wins! XD

    ...but I like when it's drizzling, because I often forget my umbrella ^^''

    Don't worry, I'm sure that the health check was prophylactic, I mean, it's a part of preparations for his upcoming tour

    Lol, I would only let Aizawa to draw blood from me *hates hospitals & evil doctors & even more evil nurses* XD

    (without offence^^'')

    Thank you for translating Special Fan Mail too ^-^ <3

    The layout is very nice, though I will probably miss those flying hearts :) Besides, it's good to make changes from time

    to time~

    I also updated my lj profile page, please take a look when you will have time: (note that profile pic is "alive" ;)

    I agree, it's not good to expose your email in public posts. but I don't know how the blogger PM system works,

    since I don't use ^^'' Maybe you could pm it to me via lj? no one can see those personal messages...or

    try blogger, maybe I will manage it :)
    Or wait, I'm one of the Followers, maybe I will be able to get yours pm...let's try it ^^

    Ah` and take care of your eyes...I spend too much time with my comp. too ^^'' we are inseparable XD
    yea, Pi can look cute even with silly glasses like that :D


  2. i'm different..

    i prefer it to rain heavily! because then, i will not get irritated by the small raindrops which keep falling onto my! and then~ i can get myself all soak up in the rain! x)

    i was just wondering what's prophylactic?! haha..lucky you explained..otherwise i would have lots of ?s all over my head..haha..actually, what you said seems to make sense to me - getting prepared for his upcoming concert

    we wouldn't wish him to fall sick because of what he wants to show us in his solo con ne~

    lol! seems like you had experienced some bad encounters with some of the docs and nurses in a hospital x)

    hehe..glad that you're ok with the existing layout *phew~* okiies! i'll visit your profile asap :) [when my tutorials-snowball melts x)]

    LOL! same here! i'm not too sure how it works too! :D previously, i reply to you before i tried using and understanding it..gomen! x)

    haha! you seem excited in trying out the PM system for

    i think i shall PM you via lj..more convenient and more certain of how it is used than with blogger ^^

    hai! i will, and you too! i can predict that you'll be doing so, as yamapi is going to appear in lots of music programs to promote his, don't stare into the screen for too long~ (and drool~) =P

    by the way,
    why you don't want to write your name in the 'comment as:', located below this box?? instead of writing it after what you've typed *curious*

  3. uh..I don't like the idea of getting soaked XD But I like when it rains in summer, especially those times when the lovely rainbow appears ^^

    Prophylactic means preventive care, or something like that. They need to make sure that YamaPi is really really ok, so nothing unexpected wouldn't happen.

    "seems like you had experienced some bad encounters with some of the docs and nurses in a hospital" - exactly >< So I try to avoid hospitals as much as I can.

    Yup, I like your layout ^___^ and hai~ please visit it, because if you will like my graphics, I may want to suggest you something ^^

    Not that I'm excited about trying it, but I thought to myself...don't give up without trying! XD But I'm happy you decided to send it via lj - that way it will be easier for both of us *waits*

    Cool, can't wait to see Pi in lots of music programs X) Because WE DO MISS HIM, right? ;)
    I will try to ease my eyes, but I can't promise not to drool XD
    speaking about eyes...leads to eye drops...leads to THIS cm: *LOVES*

    hmmm...because it's the easiest way XD Ok, sorry, I will write my comments properly from now on ^^ <3

    Wait...I try, but then such line appears: "Your request could not be processed. Please try again." *goes to try again*


  4. success ;)

    ps. I already wrote you a letter and will send it as soon as I will receive your email address ^^ *still waits*
    I hope LJ will serve at least this one time~

  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......
    u changed ur blog it's,,, plain white thing... but nice!!!!! waaaaaaa.... pi always give us a hint about wat is his next project.. like bb or his concert n his new single n now code blue 2!!!! i verrry hope there will be a lovestory beetweeenn aizawa n sumbody....

  6. to Rei:

    ar! that's true! some more if it rains in summer, it is much cooling right?!

    haha. then i shan't press you on on what had happened. otherwise, undesirable memories start resurfacing in your mind ^^

    i've visit your profile! i like the picture of toma sitting on the ground, listening to the music with his headphones on. =)

    and also, the colors you've chosen for those boxes beneath it! it fitted so well with the basic colors found in the toma's picture. overall, it gives off a nature feel ^^

    hmm! that's right! "don't give up without trying"! but this sentence sounded familiar~?! did yamapi said this in any dorama?! Buzzer Beat?! hehe!

    (come on everyone! say that you miss him!) X)

    i visited the link. and also from your profile, you stated that you like Hangeng from suju. and also, under your Top 5, you've placed suju above NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meaning you prefer suju than NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! X)

    haha! please don't feel offended from my feedback to you on why didn't you write your name in the 'comment as' section. i'm just curious only ^^

    haha! sometimes blogger gets a bit ku-ku too. i've received such lines too. quite annoying~ lol!
    what! you've already wrote the message that you want to send it to me! whao! that's fast! (0_0) i've sent you my email add via lj! ^^

    looking forward to your already-written letter =)

  7. to zhou2:
    haha yup! i've changed my blog to a plain white thing. hehe. glad that you find it nice ^^ thanks! =)

    hehe. your 'somebody' is it referring to Aragaki Yui?! X)