Sunday, November 1





today, from now onwards
it's dance rehearsal.

the shoe which i usually wear
became well-fitted on my feet

dancing has became relaxed too

off i go

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as light as a paper~!
somehow, when i was translating this sentence
"became well-fitted on my feet

dancing has became relaxed too"

i had pictured him as a ballet dancer..
doing the "flying" stunt?!
if there is one?! ^0^
(sorry, for my under knowledge for ballet..i don't learn ballet~ x))

i'm referring to this stunt


this is the logo for yamapi's first solo concert
which was released a few days ago, but i forgot to post it up here and share with all of you x)

"short but sweet" & "plain and impactful"
heard that this was designed by yamapi-san, himself..
indeed, drawn by him..
cause it's so simple..
just like those drawings he did for Wink Up magazine..

and, guys!
take a look at this!

guess what is it!?!

the answer is hidden under this link..
click it to see it!

WARNING: MOLA goodness
and credit to everyone in baidu for sharing this goodness with everyone~

another goodness~

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty!

click on the links below to see more goodness~
and credit 夏の千叶 @ baidu for sharing the links! ^^


and lastly,
here's the link to the screencaps of Winter Diamond DVD Live!
so loving those pips in baidu for taking the effort to screencap these and uploading & sharing with us!

Heart Pictures, Images and Photos

by the way,
today is the day, i fell into yamapi-dear's "trap", which happened 2 years ago..
so fast!
i'm celebrating my 2nd anniversary with him!! ^0^ 

HAPPY 2nd Anniversary to ME!!

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