Friday, November 13


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today, have been dancing continuously!

i gave a little recall, last December
what i like to do very much

at that moment, what came to my mind
is dance.

therefore thinking of re-doing my favourite dance, from the beginning, once again.

because very happy, therefore dance all along.

in conclusion, today very happy too!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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sorry guys
i didn't manage to update pi's nikki these few days..
as i was busy with my schoolwork for these past few days..

gomenasai! x)

these few days,
yamapi have been mentioning about how happy he is from dancing..
and also,
the things that he keep doing these few days are dancing too~

whatever it is..
so long as yamapi-dear is happy..
anything he does is ok with me ^^
except for choosing a not-up-to-standard girl as his partner..
if all of you understand what i mean x)]

a pic for the mission!

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  1. New layout, ne? ^^ At one moment I thought that I hit the wrong blog :D Because it's very different from the previous layout ^^'' Are we going to post comments from now on, or will there be a c-box? ^^


  2. Hi Rei! Sorry for this sudden shock from my new layout X) But is it nice?! ^^

    Well, i was thinking posting comments in cbox was rather troublesome and v limited, because there's a limit to the number of words to be typed in it [if you know what i mean x)]. Over here, in this comment box, there's NO limits! So all of us can comment and type as much as we can!

    AND AND AND! There wouldn't be any starred (****) in Pi's name! So other fans can type his name in whatever way they please ^^

    In addition, i can keep & cherish those comments that you and other yamapi's fans have made ^^

    Unlike cbox, those comments that you've made a few months back, were already automatically deleted away by its system =(

    So that's why~ ^^