Friday, November 20


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today too, dance! dance! dance!

tomorrow will be appearing on music station.

recently, been entirely immersed in music.

very happy!

but starting from January next year
i'll be returning to the acting world.

is the continuation of Code Blue.

want to produce a work better than the previous one, with regards to this i shall exert my utmost effort and work hard for it!

towards the people who will be attending my concert
i have one hope
during this performance, red penlight will be sold!

i'm thinking of unifying all the red penlights into one red light in the concert hall!

therefore, people without the red penlight please make one!

people who have it please bring it too!

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

note: in other words,
what he is trying to express 
and what i'm trying to translate is that...

he wants everyone to bring their penlight/lightstick..
then while he is performing on stage..
everyone on their penlight/lightstick..
consequently, a scene of a sea of red light will be formed..

hope all of you have a clearer picture now

CB2! another drama work from him!
and we don't have to wait for soooooooo long to witness his next masterpiece..

there are so many things going on in JE world..
apart from the fact that Arashi releases new single every month

yeah! busy busy busy!

and and and..
i'm truly truly sorry minna-san that i didn't reply to all of your comments/enquiries/etc promptly like before..

since the start of this semester,
i have no idea where is it coming from - i have soooooo much things to do..

everyday, after translating yamapi's nikki.. 
there's barely enough time for me to reply to all of your comments and to do my tutorials!
but as a student,
i choose my tutorials prior to answering all of your comments..
hope all of you will understand X) 

i've told myself to answer all of the comments during the weekends (inclusive of Friday)
so, please do anticipate for my replies!

(argh! how i wish the school break arrive early!) 

and here is the pic for the mission!

yamapi and keiko! again!

ahh~ i still can't get over the rumor..
i really really like the 2 of them together!

and look at how slim/small/whatever it is yamapi's abs is..
Envy Pictures, Images and Photos

it seems like..
i can fold yamapi-dear into half..
and his body will be bend apart, around his waist area..


  1. awww <3
    yamapi <3
    i really hope that them are dating~

  2. me too! they look compatible with each other and, even though it isn't real (from their drama) whenever they are together, they look super duper sweet! *aww~* hopefully, this rumor is the truth. and yamapi breaking up with kagami is the truth too >.<

    by the way, nice to meet you, Georgiana,
    i see that this is the first time, you've posted in my blog ^^

    nice to meet you! =)

  3. Nice to meet you too ^^
    Thanks for you hard work translating yamapi's nikki ^.^

  4. hehe. you're welcome, it's my pleasure ^^