Saturday, November 7


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today, received letters from every one of my fans.

among it there's a child saying that previously, she came to the recording of HEY!HEY!HEY! alone

after that, started a conversation with the person sitting beside her

mentioned that, in the end, she built a fine friendship with that group of people

because of me then managed to make friends with one another and such, that's really great.

everyone become good friends with each other

hungry for comments & they are love!
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that is so true!
because of yamapi and his nikki..
i get to know more people who also adore him!
rei, miia, zhou2, and the-seldom-comment-in-my-blog-but-believe-to-have-follow-my-blog-closely sarcastic`x), miru & ten-chan

Bear Pictures, Images and Photos
to everyone of you!

a continuation from yesterday's post..
another picture of the "november mission"!


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