Monday, November 2


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today, from magazine photoshoot
to the recording for HEY3

there's a lot of work to do

during the break in between these works, confirmed the choreographed dance moves for the concert.

when did i become so serious
just by giving it a thought, thinking of doing my work more earnestly

still not totally satisfied
today, shall work hard too!

thinking of working continuously till the possible limit!

changing the topic~
after such a long time, went to the office which is located by the seaside
got to eat the soba which was frequently consumed in "buzzer beat", immediately became full of energy!

Thank You!

hungry for comments & they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar <===

so innocently thanking the soba for giving him full of energy..
he is the only artist that i'm aware of that thanks his food for providing him energy..

by the way,
a big THANK YOU to Rei and mochiolenza from LJ for congratulating me
on my 2nd anniversary with yamapi-san

congratulation messages from the both of you had immediately put a big GRIN on my face..
and also..
total sweetness felt in my heart

chocolate Pictures, Images and Photos

well, as a celebration on my anniversary..
i've decided to post a picture of yamapi everyday, for the whole of november!!

first and foremost,
i shall post the first picture fot the celebration!

credit baidu

this is another one of the screencaps taken from NEWS diamond DVD!!
yup! another batch of screencaps to the ones i'd found earlier on..

here's the link:
(there are a couple of pictures which weren't found in those links that i posted yesterday~
enjoy enjoy! ^0^)

not only that..
apparently, this video was uploaded on youtube!

it's yamapi's solo pv, which can be found in the dvd, due out in 2 days time!
i wonder how do this people got a hold of this unreleased material?!
was it a "leakage" from reliable source?!

i was impressed with the new choreograph moves for this remix version..
however, i still prefer the Shounen Club's version..
i feel that the SC's version were better suit into the overall feel and words for that song..
than this~

and here's a video on MOLA (remix version) PV Making of...

i haven't watch it yet,
i don't feel like spoiling the fun of watching it
when i buy my dvd con

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