Saturday, November 21


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today i'll be attending music station.

together with akanishi-kun.

i will do my utmost effort in working hard for it.

because tomorrow is the first day of my concert
therefore, will do my utmost effort over here too.

seems like akanishi-kun will be coming to see my concert too, it's a lie

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but i do think that akanishi jin will come and see his bestie's first ever solo concert ne~
(how can a friend not witness his bestie's first ever accomplishment??)

but maybe, these few days,
jin will be busy with his promos for his latest solo single~


so let us all just wait and see

someone have already posted the eng sub version of last friday's music station whereby PIN appeared!


yamapi scold jin suck!
LOL! *clap hands*
only true friends can do that~

yamapi & jin talk + loveless performance:

this is hilarious!
jin and his infamous sensitive collarbone

jin's house must be nice to live in..
otherwise, why would yamapi lived there for a period of time..
i love staying over at my friend's house though..
there's so many things which we can do together..
such as fangirling while watching concert dvd together

i like how they acted so naturally and comfortably around each other..
especially jin..
rarely i've seen him like this, in this couple of years..

and, he looks big by sitting next to pi-chan..
pi-chan seems small and slim

in this video, i like their hairstyle too!
for pi, it seems like there's more straight hairs than curls on his head..
ahh~ miss those days when his hair are straight

whereas for akanishi, i simply adore guys who tie up their hair in ponytail way..
*heart melts*

jin talk + bandage performance:

mecha kakkoi in that sunglasses, tie-up hair, big jacket and jeans..
kakkoi kakkoi kakkoi!

here is a pic for the mission!

suck to the wall!

by the way,
i've translated another special fan mail from him

original posting:-
date: 11.22.2009
time: PM3:55


  1. Probably I have never thank you for all your work yet! Gommenassai, and Arigatou!
    I agree, I prefer a straight and black hair yamapi! as for jin he is better like this probably! ^^

  2. hahas. it's ok ^^
    right! but i prefer pi's kenzo hair..miss it so much! :S

    haha. jin look sexy with his hair tied up *hearts*