Wednesday, November 18

Special Fan Mail ~Loveless~ 4


the lyrics for this song is all in English too. feels like the limited edition version has a very strong western music style!
[Me] this song, has a little futuristic feel to it, not to the extent of techno too, however it's a song that enables people to associate it with laser this kind of thing.
[Run From You] actually belongs to this kind too, but if able to listen and watch its dance performance simultaneously, will feel that it's better!
everyone please anticipate for this chance!

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how i wish i could too~
i don't have adequate MONEY!!!!!!!!
*killing myself*


credit amazn12@youtube

i find this single has a strong westernization feel too..
new style, new experience for him ^^
not bad, not bad~
and while listening halfway down this song,
the image of lady gaga starts appearing in my mind

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