Saturday, November 14

Special Fan Mail ~Loveless~ 2

[Loveless Music Clip]


first time shooting in New York City (PV).
very happy! extremely excited. felt that to be able to shoot in the country with its music also positioning itself in the front end of the World, personally it's a good experience too.

majority of the outdoor shootings......already very cold.
and also, time really flies. regardless of whether it is everyone's walking pace, or the atmosphere over there.
but, only at the Central Park then felt that the time is passing by slowly......a very unbelievable place.

『Loveless』 is the SOLO single after three and a half year, but there's this 'this is the first time', "starting from now on shall take the first step" kind of feeling, because of embracing this kind of "new beginning" feeling while doing this song, therefore hoping that everyone can see my performance in the Music Clip too.

and also, because the Music Clip majority are outdoor scenes, danced a little, however will dance properly when attending music programs. until then, everyone please continue to pay your attention to me too.

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ah! he is implementing his agreement from 24hr TV ~
"Taking the First Step"
the organizers for it, must be glad that they have engaged NEWS as their ambassadors this year..

can't wait to see these music programs which yamapi will be attending..
and listening to all the interesting cum sincere answers he have to say to the interviews..

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