Sunday, November 22





today is my solo concert!

feeling entirely full of gratitude.
the whole hall was filled with red penlight
really very beautiful and excellent

thank you!

for the first time ever, toma
came to be my guest.
the two of us sang a song!

don't know why, all the memories rush forth to my mind
extremely touched!

in conclusion
tomorrow also must be happier!

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ah~! so fast~
yamapi's solo concert started!
soon we will get to see all the papa pictures, and pictures and scans of pi's merchandise all over the internet

earlier on,
i read a post on the internet stating that yamapi teared when he said his thank you message to everyone, during the end of the concert..

the person who posted this also said that, yamapi said he was very very thankful that he was able to do this due to the support that each fan had given him..
and so, he was very grateful to us, fans, too!

then, while he was saying his sentimental speech,
the people sitting around her started to tear up too
sobbing Pictures, Images and Photos

hope that today's concert will be a success too!
all the best, dar dar!

i went to watch Gokusen The Movie with my friends!

out of 5 thumbs up~
i would give it
and a half!

throughout the whole movie..
there were small gags in between..
so you shouldn't feel bored or sleepy when watching it..

and the ending was quite touching..
(i admit my tears welled up at that part) xP

what i think yankumi did at the end,
and what all the students, including kame, did was truly very great.. 
(hmm..i shall not describe what happen, all of you should see it by yourself X) ) 

but! i can give you a hint!

this scene..

actually in the first place,
you shouldn't be sleepy/bored at all!
because there were ikemen in it..

such as, the obvious kamenashi kazuya~, miura haruma, shohei miura, etc..

but someone caught my eyes while i'm watching the movie.

after watching the movie,
my friends and i started discussing how well he acted and how kakkoi he is
but all of us don't know that he is a member of kis-my-ft2,
until i just researched on him!!

a brief profile on him:
name: tamamori yuta,
19 years old,
a member of kis-my-ft2..

here's a video of him and kame on Zoom In:

look at how kame sat when he was having his meal with tamamori..

a quote i like from this movie would be this:
"you should fight for what you cherish"
or something like that~
from my vague memory..

a pic for the mission!

this is the second attack from yamapi onto jin's sensitive collarbone..
during last friday's MS..
look at how happy yamapi was..
and with a slight mischievous on his face..

don't know whether akanishi will be appearing on MS next friday..?!


  1. haha, it was sooo funny when pi attacked jin's sensitive collarbone *rofl*

    oh, i heard that pi said that he is not dating keiko. i don't know if this is the truth but it may be..

  2. T_T it will take a life for me to watch gokusen! T_T I hope the sub version will be out soon on line!

  3. i luv tamamori yuta too....XD

  4. @ Georgiana: yup! i heard that too. hais~ they look so hot as a couple larh~ i think we can only just dream them together in our dream :S

    @ mercuriasekai: take a life?! why? your country don't import Jap movies?!

    @ fzmy: haha! i'm starting to take note of him, whenever i have the chance to see his group performed on SC. hehe.