Wednesday, November 18

Special Fan Mail ~Loveless~ 5

[Moon Light]

i wrote the lyrics for this song.
when i heard the tune...without giving it much thought, the first sentence for it came to my mind.
while listening to the tune, funfufunfu~i hummed, then it became a complete sentence, thinking "what should i write next ne", continue writing it.

...even though it's titled moonlight, in the end ended up writing about the love relationship between a guy and a girl, always believe that the basis of music is for courtship...! since ancient times, singing has been used as a tactic in wooing, because this is the origin of human beings  .

how should i describe about the tune...neither is it jazz, nor narrative poem style...i feel that it is an extremely new and original tune, therefore please listen to it!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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i like this track!
when i heard it for the first time,
the beginning of the song and the chorus caught my attention..
and the part before the chorus, where there was a lady "singing", i find it quite~ nice too

from the above translated message,
i like the second paragraph
"...even though it's titled moonlight..............this is the origin of human beings"
i wonder whether yamapi have ever sang a song for a girl that he admired before?!?!
if so,
that girl must be v lucky!
even luckier if yamapi compose that song for her..

so sweeet and envy with that person

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  1. " singing has been used as a tactic in wooing"...isn't it typical of birds? so we humans are birds too?